Climate Action Month day 15: Nibi’s Water Song

Nibi's Water Song cover

There are many working to protect and honour the water. KAIROS is pleased to highlight Nibi’s Water Song, a new book for young people, written by Sunshine Quem Tenasco and illustrated by Nancy King, an artist widely known as Chief Lady Bird. It was published by Scholastic Canada last month.

Sunshine is no stranger to the fight for clean water and is the founder of Her Braids, a social enterprise dedicated to raising awareness of the lack of clean drinking water in First Nation communities. She is from the Algonquins of Kitigan Zibi First Nation, a community 1.5 hours from Ottawa. Like so many others, she experienced widespread boil water advisories growing up.

With a creative, entrepreneurial background and training as a teacher, it was just a matter of time before Sunshine delved into creating an educational resource for children, inspired by her own children. With Chief Lady Bird’s art, the story of Nibi’s Water Song is relayed from both a First Nations’ storytelling perspective and a visually breathtaking representation.

Her Braids.

Your #30DayKAIROSChallenge

Intentionally thank the water that you use today. Try to learn the Nibi song.

Canadians use an average of 466 litres of potable water per day. Take a moment to be conscious of every way that water facilitates your day, from cooking, to drinking, to washing.(Source: Statistics Canada) 

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