We need the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

KAIROS CAW 2 - Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty
KAIROS CAW 2 - Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty

The burning of fossil fuels and industrial processes account for almost 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. A rapid transition away from fossil fuel extraction and use is critical for limiting global warming.  

 Yet, major climate agreements, like the Paris Agreement, do not even mention fossil fuels. And since Paris COP21 in 2015, where global leaders agreed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global fossil fuel consumption has continued to rise. Many countries that signed the Paris Agreement, such as Canada, continue to approve new fossil fuel projects worldwide, even though we know now that “burning the world’s fossil fuel reserves would result in seven times more emissions than what is compatible with keeping warming below 1.5ºC.” 

We need a Treaty to end the expansion of fossil fuels and accelerate a transition to clean energy now. Enter the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative (FFNPT). 

The FFNPT Initiative is a global effort to foster international cooperation to accelerate a transition to clean energy for everyone. It aims to end the expansion of coal, oil and gas, and equitably phase out existing production in keeping with what science shows is needed to address the climate crisis. 

 There are three pillars for the proposed Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty:

  1. Non-Proliferation – Stop building out the problem by ending the expansion of coal, oil and gas production. 
  2. A fair phase-out – An equitable plan for the wind down of existing fossil fuel production where nations with the capacity and historical responsibility for emissions transition fastest, providing support to others around the world. 
  3. Just transition – Fast track the adoption of clean energy and economic diversification away from fossil fuels so that no worker, community or country is left behind. 

It builds on decades of calls and campaigns for a fossil fuel phase out and fair energy transition by government, civil society, Indigenous, grassroots and other leaders – particularly from the Global South. It aims to complement other tactics such as divestment, debt relief and fossil fuel bans as well as the work being advanced by the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance and the Power Past Coal Alliance.   

KAIROS Canada endorsed the Treaty Initiative in November 2020 and is part of a growing movement of faith-based voices that are calling for a fossil fuel phase out. The World Council of Churches formally endorsed the Treaty Initiative in June 2023, acknowledging that “while some measures are being taken to lessen the impacts of climate change, the primary cause of the climate crisis – fossil fuels – has barely been addressed.” Also in June, the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Bishop Anthony Poggo, signed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, following a resolution by the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC-18) in February of this year. The resolution approved by members at ACC-18 also encouraged Anglican primates and bishops to sign on behalf of the Churches and dioceses of the Communion and advocate their governments to halt new gas and oil exploration. 

Let’s keep up the momentum and build support for the FFNPT here in Canada. 

Take these 2 steps to support the Treaty initiative today: 

  • Endorse the Treaty as an individual or an organization. Share on social media using the hashtag #FossilFuelTreaty. 
  • Ask your government to join a bloc of six Pacific countries in forming an alliance of nation states that will pursue a negotiating mandate for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.  See FFNPT Campaign Materials for sample messaging, strategies and more.

Participate in these events this week: 

TONIGHT (7:00 PM EDT) – KAIROS will host Climate Action Dialogues: Building Momentum for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Join us to hear from youth voices on why the world needs a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty now. Register now

Thursday, September 14 (noon EDT) KAIROS will host a Leadership Seminar with the Reverend Canon Rachel Mash from Green Anglicans (Anglican Church of Southern Africa) to discuss the faith-based movement for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and equip you to seek endorsement of the Treaty initiative in your church or municipality. Register now.  

More ways to support the Treaty initiative: 

  • Build awareness and amplify your support of the Treaty Network on social media. See the Amplification Pack for sample posts, graphics, and more. Use the hashtag #FossilFuelTreaty
  • Attend your political representatives’ public appearances and ask them a question about their views on phasing out coal, oil and gas and a #FossilFuelTreaty. 
  • Host a #FossilFuelTreaty information night in your congregation or community. There are lots of resources available from the Treaty Network to support you. 
  • Host a rally in your local area calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty or add it as a demand to other upcoming rallies and strikes. 
  • Chalk #FossilFuelTreaty messages on the footpath outside your politicians’ office. 
  • Donate to the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative.  

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