Spirited Reflection: It is the eve of the Climate Strike and all through the house…

The brilliance of this autumn has been exceptional while spending these gloriously long dusks on the land and water. To build connections in community, with the plants, the elements and people, to further those connections in community spaces, educational forums, and advise on support for these surges of KAIROS Climate momentum has been overwhelming at times. The familiar splash of colours ground me in the knowledge that my own existence is a beautiful happening, in concert with the gifts of my kin. 

This month began with such a ferocious soaring through time. Time spent building connections with the faces that make up the incredible team at KAIROS. As one of the newer additions, there was much ground to cover and I surely did not cover nearly enough. 

Fortified and bursting with gratefulness for how and where amazing people are managing to use their gifts: by taking up space or talking about gaining space, it became clear to me that to foster and undertake the work required to learn and grow, we must also recognize the value of working through discomfort. If we cannot gain that perspective, we will not overcome that which is necessary to grow. 

Time and time again, I couldn’t help but reflect on the blessings bestowed by the relentless Heartworkers surrounding this journey. Miigwetch to those who placed trust and care in their thoughts and words with me.   

There is so much good medicine in those around us! I am humbled at the generosity of others and the kindness and good work of others cannot be undervalued. The potential for supporting each other in cohesive harmony must outweigh our grief at the seemingly powerlessness that underlies our fears as voters heading to the polls. 

As the time propels towards those close of this month, I reflected on the future of my own children, and the headlines about children pledging to abstain from having babies when they grow up, to youth literally crying out, for the adulting we expected at their age. The work of several generations before us trusted in human rights and systems, and the KAIROS Climate Action Month has asked us to think about where our true power lies and for some that will redefine our values in the face of climate crisis.

It is this line of thought that grasps the attention, that grips one’s belly with worry. For these are the reasons that people will unify in spirit once more, to gather around the world for the Climate Strike is to gather around once more in the glow of energy and connection.  Listening and witnessing these voices as they cry out will certainly propel us towards more hopeful momentum at not only the polls, but in the everyday actions of everyday folk. This is where I see the potential on our paths towards true climate redemption.

I am heartened by the work of the Mother Earth Water Walkers, the strong voices of my Indigenous kin, and the campaigning on behalf of these better futures for all our children by all my relations. We are seen, we are loved, we are the change. 

Chrystal Désilets is KAIROS’ Indigenous Rights Program Coordinator.  She is an Algonquin Storyteller and Traditional Counsellor from the Pikwakangan First Nation. Chrystal is also known as a founder of Aunties on the Road, Wananoshka Mashkiki.

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