Letter to the editor: Remember migrant workers this Thanksgiving

did you eat today? thank a migrant worker

He’s worked legally in Canada for 37 years but the government considers him ‘temporary’ Oct. 5

As we sit down with family and friends this Thanksgiving, let’s remember the migrant workers who help bring the food to our tables. These workers are separated from their families for long periods of time with little opportunity for similar gatherings. Neither loneliness nor the high risk of exploitation should be requirements for earning a living.

It’s time for the temporary foreign labour programs to come to a close and for Canada to return to permanent immigration as a strategy for nation building. All overseas workers should be eligible to apply for permanent residence prior to or upon arrival to Canada, and to bring their families with them. Canada benefits from their contribution and would benefit further from their citizenship.

Jennifer Henry, Executive Director, KAIROS, Toronto

Filed in: Migrant Justice


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