Recognizing International Women’s Day in prayer

International Women's Day

Just as we remember Sarah and Hagar, Tamar and Esther, and the stories of their ancient struggles for gender justice, now we remember Gloria Chicaiza, Berta Cáceres, Tina Fountaine and so many more in the ongoing struggles for justice and peace. Use this prayer in your worship service or as part of a women’s march or vigil as one small, but vital way to recognize International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020.

A Prayer for International Women’s Day

God of Grace,
the world you created is good.
Forgive us the inequity that divides.

God of Grace,
the humanity you created is good.
We confess our complicity in evil ways.

Spirit of Gentleness,
source of all our being, channeled through a woman’s birthing
We give thanks for the miracle that is birth and life.

Spirit of Gentleness,
source of commonality and diversity,
We give thanks for each woman – mother, daughter, sister,
friend, neighbour, and those alone in the world.

Spirit of Gentleness,
source of all energy and creativity,
We give thanks or each wrong that has been righted,
each voice lifted up,
each stride towards justice.

God of Grace,
you blessed Sarai and Hagar, Tamar and Esther, Mary and Lydia, and it was good.
Bless each of us now with living courage, relentless determination, and profound solidarity.
Grant us wise deliberation, decisive action, and inclusive celebrations,
That we will be part of braiding together Your dreams of abundant life,
healing of the Earth, and peace for all,
And it will be good.


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