Love God, Love People: A Sincere Prayer and Hopeful Goodbye

Aisha Francis
Aisha Francis

It is with deep sadness that the Steering Committee announces the resignation of KAIROS’ Executive Director, Aisha Francis. We are very grateful for the dedication, energy and expertise that Aisha brought to KAIROS in her time here, and the vision she provided. Aisha’s last day with the organization will be August 31, 2023. We remain in conversation with the United Church of Canada and all member organizations as we move through this time of transition, and are in the process of securing an Interim Director. We will share more details once we have them.

We are also sharing, with her permission, the message that Aisha wrote as her exit message.

As a believer, one of the greatest gifts I experience daily is relationship with God. This opportunity for intimacy, to walk and talk with God in every moment of my life, is precious. So, over the last few months as we communed, we spoke about KAIROS. I poured out my heart and listened intently. I inclined my ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord said and with clarity and certainty, I leave my role as Executive Director of KAIROS.

These past two years have been a kaleidoscope of colourful moments and experiences. From working alongside brilliant people, partners and communities to the deep intention and impact of the work KAIROS does to the internal refining of the organization, guiding many transitions to net the start of the vital transformation and maturity of KAIROS. There is a sense of having fought the good fight of faith.

KAIROS is in an appointed time in the purpose of God. A move of God is swiftly underfoot and so I pray for the nimbleness, grace, and humility of KAIROS to move, respond, and act in audacious faith and radical love. A colleague who I am honoured to have worked with during my time at KAIROS breathed a fresh wind over me, saying,

“Aisha, from the beginning I appreciated your spirit and the way you approached all the many challenges KAIROS was facing. I sensed deep care for the KAIROS community, a fearlessness about stepping into tough situations and asking, carefully and thoughtfully, good questions, and being willing to live through the ambiguities and dissonances of its past to shake and guide KAIROS into a new future…Thank you for being and modelling those very qualities. I will miss your presence and leadership at KAIROS and in the ecumenical movement Aisha. And with your blessing I will carry forward the snippets of your spirit I was privileged to feel and sense.”

With this, I know I have done what I was called to do and leave KAIROS with hopeful confidence.

I pray the following passage over KAIROS as I leave.

“Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.” Matthew 22: 37-40MSG

May this be the wind beneath your wings as you continue to advance the imperative work of justice, human rights and reconciliation between church and communities, in Canada and around the world.


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