20 years of spirited action for justice This Easter, be the Spirit of Change

This Easter, be the Spirit of Change. Donate $20 a month to celebrate KAIROS at 20.

There are no quick fixes to systemic injustices. Year after year, KAIROS works with communities and partners to address the roots of injustice, setting lasting change into motion. Every success is another step to build on.

We are Indigenous, settlers and newcomers to Canada working with people of faith or conscience all over the world for ecological justice and human rights.  

KAIROS gets to the heart of what is important.  

Will you journey with us for the next 20 years?

We need your support. Become a Spirit of Change monthly donor! It is the most effective way to support KAIROS’ work for justice month after month, year after year.  

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20 years of spirited action for justice

KAIROS is life, struggle, siblinghood, friendship, it is a spider’s web that is joining forces for the defense of Mother Earth.

Natalia Atz Sunuc (Maya Kaqchikel), Guatemala

We look forward to standing with you in your next 20 years of reflection, solidarity and action! The t-shirts were right: KAIROS is *NOT!* going away, and our community is so grateful.

Emily Dwyer, Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability