Easter video: Come and witness first light

KAIROS Easter Message 2018: Come and witness first light

Dear Friends,

I invite you to take a moment to watch the KAIROS Easter video. Share it with your family and friends, post it on Facebook and tweet it. Share it on your congregation or community e-lists. Show it in your church. DONATE to KAIROS!

On behalf of the Steering Committee, Circles, staff, partners, and network, I thank you for all the ways you support us. Peace to you this Easter season.

Jennifer Henry,
Executive Director, KAIROS

Full text below:

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary of Magdala came to the tomb.”—John 20: 1

Early, while it is still dark…migrant labourers rise to work in factories and fields securing food for Canadians and support for families so far way.

Early, while it is still dark…Palestinian workers stand at checkpoints on their way  to jobs on the other side of the wall.

Early, while it is still dark…faithful activists rise to pray and stop pipelines that threaten sacred land, and waters.

“Early while it was still dark, Mary Magdala came to the tomb of her friend.”

We know this story too:

A South Sudanese mother coming to the grave of her son, killed in a seemingly never ending war.

Families standing in vigil for Indigenous women and girls who are missing.

Philippine mining activists, at the grave of their friend, murdered for standing up for land and peoples.

Indigenous communities gathered to mourn another child, lost to despair.

Early, while it was still dark, Mary came to the tomb of her friend.

It was to her, in darkness, that hope first dawned, that grace overflowed. For her, the first glimpse of the impossible, of transformational love in action—light in darkness, life in death.

In our world, it is so hard to believe and yet we hold to that promise. We cling,  we plead, we conspire, we collaborate. We proclaim, we insist, that new life, genuine transformation, come to these first—the oppressed, the grieving, those violated by indifference, those harmed by inaction, those showing risky solidarity.

Let these be the first to glimpse first light, impossible hope made possible in tangible, incredible change.

This Easter, come to the graveside, the vigil, the tomb, in your own need, or in precious accompaniment of your grieving neighbour. Witness the true Hope that will embolden our efforts towards life, before death.

Christ is risen, my friends, Christ is risen indeed, Halleluah!

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