KAIROS Christmas video for sharing

Nativity Scene With The Holy Family In Stable

Solidarity seeks partnership and mutuality…giving and receiving.”

Dear Friends,

Below is the KAIROS Christmas video. I invite you to take a moment to watch it, share it with your family and friends, post it on Facebook and tweet it. Share it on your congregation or community e-lists. Show it in your church. Please consider making a donation to support our shared work for justice!

On behalf of the KAIROS Steering Committee, staff, partners, networks and volunteers, I thank you for all the ways you support us. Peace and goodwill to you this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Jennifer Henry
Executive Director, KAIROS


In the justice seeking work of KAIROS, few words are used more than “solidarity”.  Some think of solidarity as the privileged or powerful coming to the aid of the marginalized.  But the meaning of the word is rooted in mutuality. And the mutuality of solidarity is very much rooted in our experience—a solidarity that gives and receives.

Recently, KAIROS hosted two women activists from South Sudan.  And yes, we offered solidarity—we gave accompaniment and advocacy, linked to the support of our partner—the South Sudan Council of Churches.

But even more evident was what we received—their gifts to us—the insights, knowledge and inspiration from their work of building peace—gifts shared that will contribute to the work of reconciliation in Canada. Solidarity seeks partnership and mutuality. Giving and receiving.

This Christmas, we remember the story of Divine solidarity—the God who comes to live among us, to experience human pain, to accompany us, to advocate for us. Emmanuel, God with us.

In pageant and carol, let us recognize the vulnerability of the Christmas saviour—a baby, born in a stable. The image of powerful God as fragile infant says something about mutuality, even in divine solidarity. That baby—then and now—requires of us a world transformed into a cradle of care.

In our time, let us return love to God by loving our neighbour. Let us accompany Christ, by advocating alongside the Christ we recognize in wounded neighbours and in our aching earth. Solidarity with God seeks partnership in love and justice.

On behalf of our partners and networks, circles and staff, and the KAIROS Steering Committee, I wish you a most blessed Christmas. May the Divine solidarity of the Christ Child inspire deepened mutuality in our world. Emmanuel, God with us.

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