KAIROS bids farewell to its Ottawa office

Ottawa Office
Ottawa Office

The Ottawa office at the Bronson Centre closed its doors for the last time on April 30. The space served KAIROS for 22 years, generating fond memories and serving as headquarters for important initiatives such as KAIROS’ Let Justice Roll program. 

The office was also home to decades-old historical files pertaining to social and ecological justice campaigns, such as Project North. The files will be appropriately archived.  

Ottawa Office
Ottawa Office

This office closure is a sign of the times as organizations such as ours adjust to hybrid working models and find ways to optimize resources. KAIROS staff in the Ottawa area will continue to work from home, while KAIROS pursues office sharing opportunities in Ottawa.  

Please direct any mail regarding the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to our Ottawa PO Box address:
PO Box 64047
Ottawa RPO Wellington, ON
K1Y 4V1

For any other mail, please direct it to the Toronto office:
80 Hayden Street, Suite 400
Toronto, ON
M4Y 3G2

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