How my trip to Egypt for COP27 brought me a deeper connection to my land, my culture and myself

Clifford Mushquash in front of the CBC logo
Clifford Mushquash in front of the CBC logo

I wasn’t sure COP27 was for me, until key experiences showed me I belonged.

I have never been good at saying no.

So when I heard of an opportunity to attend this fall’s UN COP27 climate summit, I jumped at the opportunity, even though I questioned my place in the conference and what I had to contribute. Now that I’ve come home to Thunder Bay, Ont., I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the complexity and nuance of the climate crisis.

But COP27 also allowed me to deepen my cultural understanding, and brought me closer to the land in a way I have never felt. 

Throughout my journey, I have come to understand that I am part of a reclamation generation. Traveling to Egypt brought me closer to my land and helped me better understand myself. 

Clifford Mushquash · for CBC First Person

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