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EventsKAIROS BC/Yukon Fall Gathering: OUT of the Ashes | New/Ancient Stories Still Rise UP

Friday, October 4 @ 4:00 pm - Sunday, October 6 @ 3:00 pm

New green groundcover beneath burned tree trunks depicts the title, "Out of the Ashes"

Out of the Ashes: New/Ancient Stories Still Rise UP

If you are

  • Watching global events and worrying about the future
  • Doing what you can to live lightly on our Earth but wondering if that’s enough
  • Feeling frustrated because too many people are not connecting the dots about what’s really happening politically, economically and ecologically
  • Needing to deepen your spiritual grounding for the path you are walking
  • Looking for real connections with other people who get where you are coming from

Then you need to be a part of this year’s BC-Yukon KAIROS Regional Gathering at Sorrento Centre, October 4-October 6th.

What to expect: 

In the beautiful, natural setting that is Sorrento, we will explore, connect and regenerate ourselves through a variety of experiential learning opportunities built around this question:

What are the stories we need to hear now?  


  • that help us discern our purpose as human beings
  • that deconstruct modernity and the colonial project
  • that connect and build relationships for the long haul
  • that teach us how to manage from a place of wonder, awe and abundance for all of Creation
  • that promote healing and loving 

Together we will go on a journey, using conversation circles, special speakers, Indigenous wisdom, guided walks, meditation, prayer, music, worship, art-making and much more…

To help us with our planning, please register ASAP. In August you will receive more details about our network gathering. Thanks so much!

Register here: bit.ly/3V0fXaV

“In practical terms, what do we do? My pedagogical response is deep-end” learning. We face our fears and the ugly realities we have had to deny in order to remain comfortable, we bust our illusions, we get uncomfortable, we get real. We expand notions of existence, belonging, self-worth and fulfilment beyond markets, states, cities, techno-dreams, and narcissistic individualism. We learn to trust and to walk differently with one another in a long and foggy road. Like Bauman explains with reference to Goethe, we realize that happiness is not a row of uninterrupted better and better pleasures”, but is found in the overcoming of challenges, in the struggle for survival, for well being.”           

Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Dean of UVic Faculty of Education, and author of Hospicing Modernity: Facing Humanity’s Wrongs and Implications for Social Activism.

Questions: justin.arseneault.bc@gmail.com

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Register at: bit.ly/3V0fXaV

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