Empowerment of women and girls in the DR Congo #KAIROS20

My sincere thanks to KAIROS who supported my trip to Canada to participate in the 2019 International Human Rights Training Program held in Montreal and the Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver, in June 2019. 

With the support of KAIROS Canada, 8 women members of SALVIS NYATENDE out of 20, have each received a piglet as of December 23, 2019, including 7 females and 1 male. This pig breeding is part of the pilot project for the empowerment of women and girls members of SALVIS-PDF, a grassroot structure of Héritiers de la Justice through Income Generating Activities. It should also be noted that this structure has benefited from a community field to strengthen their AGR. 

This pilot project supported by KAIROS has produced positive results. The 7 female pigs gave birth to piglets and each member was asked to give 3 piglets to the group to be redistributed to the other members who were not served the first time. The members of the group organized themselves, served 3 others, and built lodgings as a result of their production. Currently, out of the 20 members, 15 members are beneficiaries of this breeding project since there were 4 others group members who benefited from this project in its second phase. We hope that at the end of this year, all group members will each own a piglet to breed for self-reliance. 

The second phase of the project was carried out in November 2020 with 5 members of SALVIS BIDEKA, 5 of SALVIS IBANDA NGWESHE and 4 of SALVIS NYATENDE. It should also be noted that these 2 other structures, aside from Nyatende, have each benefited from a community field. 

Written by Néné Lubala Neema, assistant to the Woman of Courage: Woman, Peace and Security project at Héritiers de la Justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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