For the Love of Creation

On Earth Day 2019, Christian leaders from across Canada released For the Love of Creation, a collaborative video with an urgent message: the global climate crisis has reached a critical stage and requires an urgent moral and spiritual response. Ideological and geographical differences need to be overcome to create a sustainable future for the coming generations to enjoy.  

Created by The Canadian Council of Churches, KAIROS, and Citizens for Public Justice, the video features church leaders calling for climate justice and faithful care of all Creation. 

“Young people from all over the world are leading the way, speaking passionately from their hearts about the state of emergency created by climate change and the need for immediate action,” says Jennifer Henry, Executive Director of KAIROS. “Inspired and challenged by their commitment, we add our voices and we commit our action, deeply aware of the spiritual crisis we face.”  

KAIROS is re-releasing For the Love of Creation for Climate Action Month to highlight the power of cooperation. We know that dramatic and permanent change can happen when individuals and communities organize and collaborate to amplify one another’s voices and initiatives.  


The church leaders featured in the video make clear their support for wide mobilization to confront climate change.  They remind us that faith communities and networks have unique opportunities to both support one another with pastoral care and advocate loudly for action. 

This video can be used as an inspiration for both community groups and congregations of all faiths to create their own messages around climate action. We are more similar than different, and united messages are powerful.  

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