NEW! The Court Case of the Creatures by Bob Haverluck

Bob Haverluck reading his book 'The Court Case of the Creatures'
Bob Haverluck reading his book 'The Court Case of the Creatures'

New book for sale at KAIROS 

For a fresh and funny look at the seriously important work of Reconciliation in the Watershed, immerse yourself in The Court Case of the Creatures by Bob Haverluck. This is a court case like you have never seen before, one where the animals have their say much to the chagrin of the resource developers. The book is studded with delightful drawings that help our imaginations take flight on the path to justice. 

If you attended or watched the KAIROS Prairies North annual gathering last year, Decolonizing Ourselves: Rediscovering Treaty with the Earth, you will have heard Rev. Dr. Bob Haverluck. Artist, theologian, activist and KAIROS-kin, Bob has been part of the ecumenical social justice movement in Canada for many years. Growing out of the Prairies North conversation, KAIROS was delighted by Bob’s invitation to be one of three distributors of his self-published book. 

As we struggle to address climate change and gross inequality in authentic and effective ways, we are led back, over and over again, to the need for a spiritual response that is in relation to the land and all its inhabitants. This book offers a new way to enrich your thinking about the journey of reconciliation with land, water, and all creatures – human and non-human.  

Accessible for school children and engaging and thought-provoking for adults either new to the journey or well-versed in the subject, The Court Case of the Creatures is a great conversation starter and a perfect gift for anyone interested in learning more about reconciliation from the creature perspective.  

KAIROS Prairies North is hosting an “Author Reading” of The Court Case of the Creatures on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00 PM MT. Bob will do a reading and answer questions.

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