Climate adaptation

Day 24 - Climate Action Challenge

Climate change adaptation refers to the actions taken to reduce the negative impacts of climate change that we are already experiencing. While actions to mitigate climate change through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are needed desperately, we cannot ignore that we must and already are adapting to a changing climate. Today we look at the work of KAIROS member, the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), and their work to advance climate adaptation in Uganda.  

St. Jude Family Projects is a small NGO in Masaka, Uganda that is making a big impact. Co-founded 25 years ago by Josephine Kizza Aliddeki and her late husband John, the organization teaches conservation agriculture and permaculture to people in the community, other parts of Uganda and the world. PWRDF has been supporting its programs to strengthen community resilience in the face of climate change since 2018. Josephine believes that by teaching people to grow food efficiently through integrated organic farming, they will help eradicate poverty.   

In Uganda, 12 million people, or 34% of the population, live below the poverty line. Subsistence farmers are under pressure to grow crops quickly, but without knowledge of how to improve the soil or be mindful of the environment. The effects of climate change – less rain, higher temperatures – also pose a challenge. In 2020, PWRDF is supporting a program to plant 80,000 tree seedlings. Much of the land has been deforested for quick profit, which depletes the soil of vital nutrients. Many types of trees will be planted, including fruit trees which will also provide food and a renewable source of income. Last year, 93% of the 208 community households in the program produced enough food for three meals a day. Drought and pest resistant crops were planted. More than 90% of the farmers learned how to produce enough food to sell in local communities and increased their monthly income by 400%.


Learn more about St. Jude’s and how to build an urban garden.

Access PWRDF resources showcasing how their partners around the world are taking climate action.   

ICYMI: Learn about Canada’s contribution to global adaptation and mitigation


Today’s action is to share an action!   

  • Support St. Jude’s by participating in PWRDF’s Ride for Refuge and invite others to support it too.  
  • The For the Love of Creation e-petition calls for increased climate financing for mitigation and adaptation measures in the Global South. If you have not already signed it, please do so now and then share it with 10 people. Help us reach 5000 signatures by October 6!

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