Acción Ecológica’s releases analysis of October 2019 mobilizations

Indigenous women symbolically paint the statue of Queen Isabella I of Castile in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. Picture credit:

Acción Ecológica, KAIROS partner organization in Ecuador has released their analysis of the mobilizations that occurred earlier this month and the events that led to these. In it, Acción Ecológica celebrates the organizing efforts and achievements of the Ecuadorian people, in particular Indigenous communities, who refused to accept the government’s austerity measures, which not-so-implicitly continued to promote extractivism as a national economic savior:

“The October indigenous uprising marked an important transition. During the previous 10 years we had had a particular cultural ‘package’ pushed on us: hackneyed images of ‘progress’, of roads, mining, mega-infrastructure and transgenic agriculture, mixed together with conservatism, authoritarianism and corruption. It was a package characteristic of regimes of the new right across the Latin American continent. A package spiked with harassment, discrediting and persecution of people’s organizations.”

Read the full statement below.

Download (PDF, 123KB)

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