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Education for Reconciliation Sample Letter

SUBJECT: I support Education for Reconciliation

Dear [NAME],

Congratulations to the Yukon Government for its progress towards implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s (TRC) Call to Action 62.i. This is great news! I encourage you to continue moving in this direction.

According to KAIROS Canada’s recently updated Education for Reconciliation Report Card, Yukon’s public commitment to mandatory curriculum on Indigenous peoples from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve has improved from a rating of Needs Improvement in 2016 to Good. Over this same time period, Yukon’s grade on implementation of this curriculum also improved from Needs Improvement to Good. Read the Report Card Summary

These accomplishments by the Yukon government demonstrate leadership and a continuing commitment to Call 62.i. In 2015, all of Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders publicly declared their support for the TRC’s 94 Calls to Action. In Call to Action 62.i, the TRC calls upon “the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, in consultation and collaboration with Survivors, Aboriginal peoples, and educators, to make age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve students.”

I support the full implementation of 62.i. While promising progress has been made in the Yukon, I urge you to continue working towards full implementation of this crucial call, and to consider KAIROS’s suggested next steps to: 1) explore approaches to delivering Indigenous content that responds to parental concerns, 2) highlight the Historical and Contemporary Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples, and 3) create teacher’s guide on local culturally sensitive and respectful delivery of content and how to work with Indigenous peoples.