Diem Marchand-Lafortune

Diem Marchard-Laforturne

KAIROS Blanket Exercise Agreements Negotiator

416.463.5312 Ext. 233

Diem is “Crewish HorizonDancer” – Plains Cree (Treaty 6) and Jewish (Łódź, Poland) and a member of the KBE team. She is a survivor-thriver of the 50s scoop. She is an anthropologist, traditional councillor, philosopher-at-large, lawyer (University of Toronto), certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist(ADR-PON, University of- Windsor), and an activist-justice seeker since childhood. She is an award winning singer-songwriter, as well as a published poet, essayist, filmmaker and photographer. She is as happy as a ‘puppy in a room full of balls’ to be working with KAIROS.

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