20 years of spirited action for justice In-person party

Friday October 29: In-person party where you are

Do you like a good party? Is it safe to gather in your community? If yes, why not call together friends and networks for a local in-person gathering on Friday, October 29, the day after the national virtual event. Take this opportunity to raise a glass to 20 years of solidarity in action; share stories, pictures and some laughs to fuel the present work; and dream together of a better world in the decades to come.  

  • Let us know your plans and we will share public events on the KAIROS calendar. 
  • From a handful of friends in your home to a larger public gathering in an open space, make your KAIROS20 party your own. Casual or formal? Big or small? Lively or serene? 
  • Serving food and drink is key to the party feeling; music, live or recorded, adds to the atmosphere. A jam session can really get the spirit flowing. 
  • Consider sharing photos of local KAIROS events or activists over the years. 
  • Consider giving party-goers a place to dream of the world they want to see by 2041 (white board, large paper or cloth banner and appropriate markers). Send in a good photo to be included in the KAIROS 2021 time-capsule. 
  • This is a great opportunity to invite new people to your group! 

20 years of spirited action for justice