Donate In-Honour and Legacy Gifts

A bequest to KAIROS will support work for human rights and ecological justice long into the future. Please include KAIROS in your will.

Leave a Legacy of Justice

A legacy gift to KAIROS means that your commitment to human rights and ecological justice will continue long into the future. The easiest way to do this is to include a bequest to KAIROS in your will.

For more information about bequests and other forms of legacy gifts, please contact Paige Jarvis, KAIROS’ Fundraising Coordinator, at 1-877-403-8933 x258 or

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Mass KAIROS Blanket Exercise on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, June 2015
Photography: Inspirit Foundation

In-Honour Gifts

Would you like to honour the memory of a loved one? A one-time donation to KAIROS would do just that. If you like, we will send a card of acknowledgement to the family of the person you are commemorating.

You can also mark any special occasion, such as a birth, birthday, anniversary or graduation with a donation!

Make your donation online or mail us this printable donation form.

To donate offline, call 1-877-403-8933.

I chose KAIROS to receive gifts in honour of my birthday because I believe in the work KAIROS does & the mutual, empowering way that it is done. If people choose to celebrate the occasion with gifts, I want those gifts, as much as is possible, to have a positive, lasting impact in the world & not contribute to unnecessary consumption of resources or to have been created through exploitative labour. Also, the opportunity to talk to friends coming over to celebrate about KAIROS’ work & to contribute to this work is the best present I could ask for! 
Sheryl Johnson, KAIROS Donor



Fahira Golich
Donor Relations Coordinator
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