Connect with Creation: make an earth altar #KAIROSClimateAction

DAY 25 of climate action month, make an earth alter

Every Saturday during Climate Action Month, we have invited you to take time to connect with Creation and share your moment of connection with us using #KAIROSClimateAction. For the month’s last Saturday, Susie Henderson invites you to create your own earth altar.  

Create your own alter by Susie Henderson

These days the fragility of our natural world makes it even more precious. It’s even more important to find ways to pay attention, to be with creation, to offer gratitude, to deepen our commitment to act for climate justice.  

Making an earth altar with foraged materials is a personal spiritual practice of mine where I can lift up my intention to live with respect in Creation. Sometimes I create an altar in honour of a place, or to mark a time or a season. Maybe you begin with an intention already set, or maybe it comes to you as you gather materials or perhaps it comes after your creation is assembled and you take a moment to appreciate it and be still. I invite you to create an altar and set your own intention as a part of the climate justice movement.  

Susie Henderson is a feminist, queer woman, mostly able-bodied, a parent, a partner, an activist, an artist, an orphan, and the youngest of six children. Susie was born on the Prairies in a working class family with Irish/Scottish settler ancestry and roots in the Red River Métis. A lifelong ecumenist/educator, Susie has worked in justice based circles as long as she can remember. Currently Susie is the Regional Minister for Equity and Innovation in Shining Waters Regional Council of The United Church of Canada. 

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