KAIROS' work would be impossible without the support and advice of a web of worldwide partnerships. The Global Partnerships Program works with approximately 23 partners in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean/Latin America, and the Middle East. Together we address issues of peace, justice and ecological sustainability at a global, national and local level. Many of these partners are church-related organizations, while others are citizens’ groups and coalitions. All share the KAIROS goal of bringing about social transformation in order to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. For more information about KAIROS’ understanding of partnership and how we work with partners see the KAIROS Policy on Partnerships.

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Partners’ work

The Global Partnerships Program focuses on promoting good governance particularly in the area of human rights and peace building, with a focus on the rights of women and children; and advancing environmental sustainability by reducing the impacts of climate change and addressing land degradation issues. Examples of partners’ work include:

  • Research and advocacy on the impacts of climate change and resource extraction on the food security of Indigenous and poor communities
  • Educating citizens, parliamentarians and civil servants to understand their role in promoting human rights, particularly the rights of women and children
  • Supporting women’s role in peacebuilding
  • Conflict mediation efforts to prevent escalation of violence
  • Human rights monitoring and training
  • Protecting land and waters for sustainable production.
  • Building social movements to further the work of peace and justice

A strong emphasis is placed on examining the role of gender in empowering social transformation, and in particular on the role of women in this process. See our Countries of concern pages for more about partners' work: Sudan; Colombia; Israel/ Palestine and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our photo galleries highlight a number of partner visits and events. For a list of the KAIROS GPP partners and a brief description of their work, see the Annotated GPP Partner List


While funding is a key component of the partnerships program, at its core the partnership program is about participating together in a global movement for justice. Partnerships are lived out through exchanges of visitors, sharing information and research, expressions of solidarity in times of difficulty, and a commitment to accompany one another in the work. In 2011 and 2012 $400,000 per year is being transferred to partners in the South to support and facilitate their human rights, peace building and ecological justice. Such funding may be for programs, projects or through a small responsive facility. While the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has supported the GPP through annual grants, the program is currently funded only by KAIROS member churches and communities of support as we work to have our effective programs funded by CIDA.