Oil flares in Ecuador KAIROS is concerned about the growing pattern of Canadian mining, oil and gas companies whose overseas activities are having a negative impact on the environment and human rights, including the rights of Indigenous peoples. Canadian mining companies are operating worldwide and their presence is expanding. KAIROS advocates for binding legislation to hold corporations accountable in Canada for human rights abuses committed internationally. KAIROS is part of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability which brings together more than 20 Canadian faith-based, human rights, environmental, labour and other civil society groups calling for greater government oversight of Canadian extractive sector activity abroad. KAIROS and our CNCA partners are calling on the Canadian government to implement the recommendations from the 2006 “National Roundtables on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Canadian Extractive Sector in Developing Countries,” which would establish an ombudsman to investigate complaints and sanction companies that fail to operate in compliance with minimum social and environmental standards.

Dusty Shoes or Golden Slippers


by Ellen Wood Ellen Wood is a grain, cattle and apple orchard farmer as well as an ordained  United Church minister, now semi-retired.   She has worked on many social justice causes, most recently the tar sands and the nuclear debate in Saskatchewan.  Ellen is the UCC rep on the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation. […]

You Are Not Alone


Barbara Fullerton, a United Church minister from Paris, Ontario recounts her experience with members of the El Estor human rights defender work team, and reminds us that we are all in this together.

What mine eyes have seen….


As the Guatemala study tour draws to a close, KAIROS BC/Yukon regional representative Janet Gray, one of the group’s photographers, talks about the pictures in her camera and those in her mind.

Reflection on the International Day to End Violence Against Women


On the International Day to End Violence Against Women, we remember and support victims and survivors of all forms of violence against women, and express solidarity with all those working to end this violence. In this post, Helen Knott, a First Nation’s woman from Canada, speaks about the parallels between violence against Indigenous women in Canada and in Guatemala.

UN Climate Talks Move Backwards: Developed States Refuse Meaningful Action


Once again a UN conference on climate change has failed to take meaningful action despite the devastation wrought by typhoon Haiyan. Youth attending the conference in Warsaw singled out Canada and Australia for refusing to hear the urgent pleas for action from developing countries.

A Beauty that Hurts


During a “day off” in Antigua, Wilf Bean, former director of the Tatamagouche Centre, wrestles with the contradictions and questions he faces as a Canadian on this tour studying the impact of Canadian mining companies.

The Road to San Marcos


In her first blog from Guatemala, Tanis Desjarlais from Kawacatoose First Nation in Saskatchewan explains how she found hope and inspiration on the road to San Marcos.

Day One in Guatemala!


Lynn Hamilton, United Church clergy, writes a guest post on Day One of the Guatemala Study Tour.

“Tuesday. Our first full day together as a group. Folks from Victoria, the Miramachi, and 12 points in between begin a day of joy and challenge. For many of us it is our first day as visitors, learners and activists in Guatemala. We awake to the sound of church bells ringing. A delicate breeze blows through the courtyard of the modest Casa, and the sound of diesel engines groaning, lots and lots of them, reminds us we are in a vibrant, busy, urban context.”

Partners in Guatemala question proposed moratorium and demand respect for Indigenous rights

Naty Atz Sunuc

On June 13, KAIROS signed onto an open letter to Guatemalan President Otto Molina Perez to support the call by Guatemala social movements for his government to revoke a mining license that had been recently granted to Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources. One month later, President Molina Perez floated a trial balloon: a two-year moratorium on the granting of new mining licenses. Read our partner’s reaction here.

Keystone Debate is Heating Up

Keystone Debate

While ecologists and Indigenous peoples are increasing pressure on President Obama to deny a permit to the Keystone XL pipeline, Canadian government and oil industry executives are lobbying hard for its acceptance. This bulletin updates KAIROS’ analysis of the debate emphasizing the urgent need to prevent catastrophic climate change.