Remember the Land: Global Ecumenical Voices on Mining


This 11 minute video features rich theological reflection and offers a number of action opportunities for individuals and churches.  Includes a 4-page study guide to help frame group discussion and plan for action.

Product Description

Canada is home to 75% of the world’s mining and exploration companies. Canadian stock exchanges raise 40% of all mineral exploration capital worldwide.

In May 2011, 150 people –church leaders and grass roots activists– from around the world gathered in Toronto to consider the impact of Canadian mining in their communities.

Remember the Land is the story of that gathering — the story of peoples from the Global South who are engaged in struggles in protect the land that they know and love; the land that sustains them materially, culturally and spiritually; the land that has its own deep, inherent worth.

Available in French only – Disponible en français seulement