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The cuts to KAIROS' funding has received intense media scrutiny from the moment it was announced, and has been taken repeatedly into Question Period by the Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP.

KAIROS' media representative is Adiat Juniad:
416-463-5312 x223

A government in contempt, no doubt
Globe & Mail, Mar 9, 2011

Two black eyes for Tories, courtesy of democracy
National Post, Mar 10, 2011

Conservatives ruled in contempt of Parliament
The Star, Mar 9, 2011

KAIROS responds to Kenney criticism
CBC Calgary Eye-Opener, Mar 1, 2011

DiManno: No innocent victims in Oda affair, Feb.21 (Letter to the Editor from KAIROS ED, Mary Corkery)
Toronto Star - Feb 26, 2011

Porter: Kairos does important work; we should all support it
Toronto Star - Feb 18, 2011

Bev Oda and Kairos: What is 'not' being achieved now - Feb 18, 2011

Why No Funding - Mary Corkery speaks with CBC's Matt Galloway
CBC Metro morning - Feb 16, 2011

‘More transparent discussion’ needed on foreign aid: Kairos
Anglican Journal - Feb 16, 2011

Behind the aid group at the heart of the Oda controversy
the - Feb 16, 2011

TIMELINE: Oda and the Kairos funding
CBC - Feb.15, 2011

Bev Oda's admission fuels howls of secrecy against Harper government
Globe & Mail - Feb 14, 2011

Oda admits she had CIDA document altered
CBC - Feb.14, 2011

CIDA document 'doctored,' Speaker rules
CBC - Feb.10, 2011

Speaker rebukes Bev Oda over document in Kairos case
Globe & Mail - Feb.10, 2011

Funding cut over politics: Aid group
cnews - December 15, 2010

Oda: I don't know who altered KAIROS memo
Embassy Magazine - December 15, 2010

A procedural pursuit of the truth - December 15, 2010

Aid groups question CIDA after funding revelations - December 15, 2010

Guelph MP probes Kairos funding cut
Guelph Mercury - December 15, 2010

Minister misled on funding request: Grit MP
cnews - December 13, 2010

Mystery surrounds CIDA memorandum
Toronto SUN, Dec 10 2010

New KAIROS proposal to test Oda's defunding explanation
Embassy Magazine - Nov.3, 2010

Ottawa ignored CIDA green light when it halted aid group’s funding
Globe & Mail - Oct.27, 2010

Did KAIROS defunding come down to mining interests and one hand-written note?
Internal documents raise possibility CIDA minister initially approved proposal

Embassy Magazine - Oct. 27, 2010

Jason Kenney as St. Francis of Assissi (not)
Pulpit & Politics - Mar.20, 2010

Jason Kenney's mixed message
The Globe & Mail, Mar.2, 2010

Is Stephen Harper Canada's most pro-Israel Prime Minister?
CBC The National - Feb.3, 2010

If the PM is serious about the plight of mothers...
Globe & Mail - Jan.30, 2010

KAIROS responds
National Post - Jan.28, 2010

The trouble with our aid (KAIROS gets cut just when we need them)
NOW Magazine - January 19, 2010

The Impact of Funding Cuts on NGOs
CBC Radio, 'The House': Susan Lunn Documentary - Jan.23, 2010

Organizations on the budgetary chopping block
CBC News - Jan.22, 2010

Calling out NGO Monitor
Embassy (editorial) - Jan.20, 2010

The truth about KAIROS, NGO Monitor
Embassy (Mary Corkery, KAIROS exec. dir.)- Jan.20, 2010

The trouble with our aid
NOW Magazine - Jan. 19, 2010

Policy and prejudice: De-funding Canadian aid projects
rabble - January 18, 2010

Ed Broadbent defends rights agency's independence
Globe and Mail - Jan.15 2009

KAIROS does important work
Guelph Mercury -January 11, 2009

Kairos unfairly maligned by Conservative cabinet minister
The Waterloo Record - January 8, 2009

KAIROS has been unfairly maligned
Guelph Mercury - Jan. 8, 2010

Why we must fund NGOs
Gerry Barr - President and CEO, Canada Council for International Cooperation
Globe & Mail - Jan.8, 2010

High time for a minister who understands the role of aid
Globe & Mail - Jan.7, 2009

Text of Michael Ignatieff opinion piece
Toronto Star - Jan. 5, 2010

Decade of despair hints at more to come (a new year's roundup of the best of the worst)
Calgary Sun - Jan. 3, 2010

Cutting out KAIROS blow to human rights
The Chronicle Herald - Jan.2, 2010

Restore Kairos’s Funding: God is opposed to economic and political injustice
Presbyterian Record - January 1, 2010

'Learn to google', 'Tutu on KAIROS', etc
BIGCITYLIB Strikes Back - Dec. 9 +, 2009

Kenney's Double Speak
The Star, Editorial - Dec.20, 2009

Shaming us all
Ottawa Citizen - Dec. 30, 2009

Anti-semitism claim shocks KAIROS
The Catholic Register - Dec. 30, 2009

N. Van curch leader mad over Tory aid cuts
north shore news - Dec. 27, 2009

KAIROS funding, Israel and anti-Semitism - Dec.26

Anti-Semitism, KAIROS and Israel - Dec.26

Bev Oda cut off KAIROS funding
Jason Kenney responds to the Star: - Dec.24, 2009

Tory zealotry unhelpful to Israel and Canada - Dec. 24, 2009

Who's next on Harper's smear list?
Winnipeg Free Press - Dec.23, 2009

'Kenney bullies KAIROS, Harper bullies Colvin'
Dennis Gruending, Pulpit & Politics - Dec.23, 2009

NDP and Green Party denounce Kenney for defunding Christian charity
Western Standard - Dec.23, 2009

Killing off KAIROS: The Federal Government's pathetic smear against Christian activists
Ellie Kirzner, NOW MAgazine - Dec.23, 2009

Is the Harper government playing the anti-Semitic card?
Globe & Mail - Dec 22, 2009

Legitimate criticism is not racism
Toronto Star - Dec 22, 2009

Mining companies rely on KAIROS
The Ottawa Citizen - Dec. 22, 2009

KAIROS clash sends message to foriegn aid groups: Toe government line or lose funding
Winnipeg Free Press - Dec 22, 2009

Debate continues over minister's comments about religious group
Globe & Mail - Dec 22, 2009

KAIROS clash sends message to foreign aid groups: Toe government line or lose funding
Winnipeg Free Press - Dec. 21, 2009

Jewish group slams Minister Kenny's attack on Kairos
Canada NewsWire - Dec 21, 2009

NDP says Kenney owes religious group an apology
CanWest News Service - Dec 21, 2009

Siddiqui: Harper acting like an elected dictator
Toronto Star - Dec 20, 2009

Shabby Tory Smears

Toronto Star Editorial - Dec.20, 2009

KAIROS fights back against government charge of anti-Semitism
The Hook - Dec.19, 2009

Scorpions for Xmas: more gifts from Harper
The Chronicle Herald - Dec.19, 2009

Fury grows over anti-semitism charge
Toronto Star - Dec. 19, 2009

'Anti-Semitic' charge angers aid group
Toronto Star - Dec. 18, 2009

Group loses funding due to position on Middle East
Toronto Sun - Dec. 18, 2009

KAIROS and CIDA funding
Catholic Register - Dec.18, 2008

KAIROS, CIDA and Dambisa Moyo
Canadian - Dec.17, 2009

Best, worst of times of Canadian foriegn aid
Embassy Magazine - Dec.16, 2009

Our government makes us ashamed of Canada - Dec.15, 2008

Climate-change skeptics gain from Ottawa funding
CBC News - Dec.15, 2009

KAIROS calling for action after funding cut
CTV News - Dec. 13

Stephen Harper and the Jewish Question
The Globe & Mail - Dec.11, 2009

Archbishop Desmond Tutu joins thousands objecting to KAIROS’ funding cuts
Anglican Journal - Dec.11, 2009

Changing government priorities close the door on KAIROS
The Catholic Register - Dec.11, 2009

Canada's reputation is in tatters
The Toronto Star - Dec.10, 2009

KAIROS funding cuts chill community
Embassy - Dec.9, 2009

Clarifying the KAIROS budget
Toronto Star Editorial - Dec. 8, 2008

Could being vocal about climate change have cost some groups their funding? Jacques Bourbeau investigates.
Global National - Dec.8, 2009

Harper's suspect aid cut
Toronto Star Editorial - Dec.8, 2009

Canadian church group decries foreign aid cuts
YAHOO News Canada - Dec.8, 2009

Dec. 8, House Question Period (Youtube Video)

MP for Scarborough—Guildwood JOHN MCKAY
Dec. 8, House Question Period (Youtube Video)

Prayers for Canada in Copenhagen
Gillian Steward - Dec.8, 2009

Dec. 7, 2008 - Dennis Gruending: Politics & Pulpit

Government cuts funding to KAIROS human-rights group
The Montreal Gazette - Dec.7, 2009

Tony makes House statement against human rights cuts
SooToday - Dec.7, 2009 :
'KAIROS' funding cut, no explanation

Dec.4, 2009

World Faith News:
CRCNA Seeks KAIROS Funds Reversal

December 4, 2009
Way to Go Team Canada

Fred Wilson - Dec. 4, 2009

Anglican leaders ask government to review cancellation of KAIROS funds
Anglican Church of Canada News - Dec.4, 2009

MP for Toronto Centre BOB RAE
Dec. 3, House Question Period (Youtube Video)

The Toronto Star :
Ottawa starves climate critics of cash on eve of eco-summit

Alan Woods - Dec 03, 2009

The Globe & Mail :
Faith-based human rights group sees funding slashed

Michael Valpy - Dec 03, 2009

Anglican Journal:
Funding cuts threaten KAIROS

Dec 2, 2009

Canadian church-based group says Ottawa cut its funding for foreign projects
Dec.2, 2009