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Join KAIROS: Frequently Asked Questions

Companions & Communities

Can anyone become a KAIROS Companion?

Yes! Any individual who wishes to be connected to KAIROS work for human rights and ecological justice can become a KAIROS Companion.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to becoming a KAIROS Companion and/or Community.

What is the difference between a KAIROS Companion and a KAIROS Community?

A KAIROS Companion is an individual who is interested in KAIROS work. You may already be involved in the KAIROS movement, or wish to learn more and become more involved. A Companion may be a KAIROS Times enewsletter subscriber, an event participant, a donor, have participated in an online petition signing or letter writing campaign. They may be already very involved in a KAIROS or a welcome newcomer.

A KAIROS Community can be an established local group, a church, a group within a church agency, or group within another faith-based network such as the Student Christian Movement. Local church support is critical to the movement. An example of how a church would participate as a Community would be by participating in the Day of Action for the year’s Campaign (Belling Ringing last year, Drumming this year), by signing the petition based on the call to action in the Campaign, and by possibly having a KAIROS Sunday. These are just a few examples of how a KAIROS Community may be called to action.

For other Communities, it may look different. A KAIROS local group is a particularly important component of the network as they bring Companions together ecumenically and do the work of KAIROS at the “community” level. Local groups will be contacted individually to update information and to provide further details. We will also be providing information on how to promote and assist groups in becoming KAIROS Communities.

I am already part of the KAIROS network; how will the new program affect me?

The new program is designed to assist new folks in becoming part of the KAIROS network, but also to help YOU stay more connected. It has at its core the objective to facilitate communication and sharing of resources between the strong grassroots groups and committees that have for almost a decade, done the work of KAIROS in local communities.

Becoming a KAIROS Companion or Community will allow us to update your information in the database and keep you up to date on the campaigns, events, urgent actions, and other ways to be involved. It will provide you with the tools to share your own information electronically. It will also assist others who may be new to KAIROS to learn about what like-minded folks are doing in their community.

Can I be both a Companion and part of a Community?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone to become a KAIROS Companion! The difference is that KAIROS Communities will receive print information that can be used in a group setting.

How do I become a KAIROS Companion or Community?

In order to become a KAIROS Companion or Community, all you need to do is fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page, or print it out and send it in by mail. We will then send you an intro package with some more information about being a KAIROS Companion or Community. We are happy to answer any question you may have. Should you ever wish to remove yourself from our network, you can call or email us at any time.

Can a denominational group be a KAIROS community?

Yes! As mentioned, local churches and outreach committees are critical to the grassroots work of KAIROS. Although KAIROS is committed to nurturing and supporting ecumenism at all levels of the organization, there are many justice groups that are organized denominationally in a diocese, synod, conference that do the work of justice making.

What information will be shared with others?

KAIROS does not share personal information with other groups or organizations. KAIROS does not share contact information outside of the member churches to which some KAIROS Companions and Communities are affiliated.

For KAIROS Ecumenical Communities who want to invite others to join, we will ask for a contact person’s information to share. We are able to assist in setting up a free email account should you wish to be the contact person for your KAIROS Community and not use your personal account. This is key to networking purposes and providing information to others who may wish to receive information about Communities in their region.

Are you an individual? Are you a group?